10/13/15 WOD

Skill: Burgener Warm Up

Technique: 10 sets of:
Halting Snatch Grip DeadLift + High Hang Snatch + 2 in Below the Knee Snatch
* keep the weights light and the focus on form. you need to perform well in the WOD that Follows.

WOD: 3 rounds for time of:
7 Snatchs(135/95)
7 Muscle Ups

Scaled: 3 rounds for time:
7 Snatches
7 C2B Pull Ups + 7 Jumping Muscle Ups

7 Snatches
14 Pull Ups + 14 Ring Dips or 21 Ring Rows + 21 Push Ups

10/12/15 WOD

15 Pull Ups   (substitute 7-10 Muscle Ups for Pullups and Dips)
15 Ring Dips
15 High Box Jumps
200 m Run

take 10 min Build to a Heavy Clean and Jerk for today

WOD: 17 min AMRAP
10 Curtis P’s (115/85)
100 m Sprint

10/9/15 WOD

Toes 2 Bar
Box Jump
H.R. Push Ups

Dynamic Effort: Banded Box Squat:
2 Reps every 40 Sec for 12 Sets @ 65%

WOD: Tabata This Yo!
8 Consecutive Rounds of Toes 2 Bar
8 Consecutive Rounds of  Box Jumps (jump to a box You Know you wont miss on!)
8 Consecutive Rounds of Push Ups
8 Consecutive Rounds of Row for Calories

10/8/15 WOD

My attitude is that if you push me towards a weakness, I will turn that weakness into a strength.” – Michael Jordan

Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.” – Lou Holtz

Mobility :
Spend 5 min on each of the following: Mid-Back Mobility of your choice, 2 Hip Mobilities of your choice, 2 Shoulder Mobilities of your choice.

+ any additional mobility your feel you need to work on

Check out some of these Videos from Mobility WOD for ideas: MOBILITY WOD http://www.mobilitywod.com/preview/
Also do a simple YouTube search for “shoulder mobility” or “knee pain mobility” or anything along the lines of your problem areas for ideas

Finish with 10-15 min of Rowing, Running, Biking, or Swimming
*whichever of these you choose today should leave you feeling refreshed, not fatigued and broken down.

Skill improvement:
ex:  any Gymnastic Progressions, Double Unders, Empty Bar/PVC drills with aspects of the Burgener Warmup and Skill Progressions.

*Please understand that this is not an “Open Lifting” day, this is focused technique work and recovery day. Thanks for being great athletes and working hard at each and every day’s purpose!

Make Up a WOD you missed.
If you happened to miss either Monday’s, Tuesday’s, or Wednesday’s WOD, you can make it up.

Be Better