• 7/21/17 WOD

    Skill: 3 rounds (8 min Cap)
    10 wall ball
    10 yd Handstand walk (scale to 4 Wall Walks)

    Build with the following:
    1 shoulder Press + 1 Push Press+ 1 Push Jerk + 2 Front Squat
    * if you get to a weight you cannot shoulder press, keep building with just the Push Press + Push Jerk + Front Squat

    for time: 20 min Cap

    30 Shoulder Press
    30 Front Squats
    20 Pull Ups
    30 Push Press
    30 Front Squats
    20 Pull Ups
    30 Push Jerks
    30 Front Squats
    20 Pull Ups

    Men 95 lb. Bar
    Women 65 lb. Bar

    *for this workout to be RX’d you must complete all the reps with the correct movement. meaning you cannot push press the last 30 Push Jerks, you must perform a Push Jerk for all 30 reps.

    Scaled= the final 30 presses done as a push press

    -a good weight to scale to today is what you are sure you can do 15-20 unbroken shoulder press with

  • 7/20/17 Movement Improvement/Recovery day

    “Movement Improvement” WOD
    -go by feel on the reps
    -Focus on Quality of Movement

    3 rounds not for time of:(5-10 reps)

    – Pick Drill x5 (no straps, don’t be in a hurry)
    – Row for 3 min with no straps focusing on “connecting”
    (watch the power curve, make each stroke smoother)
    – Squat Therapy
    – Turkish Get Ups
    – Pull Ups (Strict Pullups, Strict Banded, clean up your kipping/butterfly)
    – Ring Dips
    – Double Unders (20-50 reps)
    – O.H. Squat (Empty Bar)
    – Handstand Hold (45 sec)
    – K.B. Winmills
    – Knee Jumps (Knees to Feet)
    – High Box Jump

    Advanced Movement Improvement
    – Skin the Cat
    – Muscle Ups/Movement Pattern Drill/Negative M.U.
    – Back Roll to Support
    – Pistols
    – Handstand Walk 15 yds.
    – L-Sit for max time
    – Rope Climbing
    – Knee Cleans (pvc/empty bar)
    – 100 Double Unders for time

    • this is not an Open Lifting Day, understand that this day is designed to allow your body to recover, and reps performed should leave you feeling warm and refreshed, not worn out.
    • If you missed one of this week’s WOD’s you are free to make it up.
  • 7/19/17 WOD

    Burgener Warm Up
    Snatch Progressions

    Snatch work: Take 15 min to Build with the following
    Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch x2
    10 second rest between the 2 sets

    OHS Cycle Day: 14

    500 m Row for time
    x 4
    rest as needed

  • 7/18/17 WOD

    Movement Review
    Warm Up Run

    Build to Today’s Heavy 3 rep Dead Lift in 15 min or Less

    WOD: 15 min AMRAP

    5 Dead Lift (305/215) Scale to 70-75% of your Max
    10 Burpees to a Pull Up Bar
    20 Med Ball Throw Sit Ups
    30 Double Unders

  • 7/17/17 WOD

    Part 1: Establish a 1 rep clean and Jerk

    Part 2:
    with an 8 min clock
    Thrusters (95/65)
    Pull Ups

    With the time remaining, establish another heavy Clean and Jerk

    Scaled : 12 min clock

    *Keep focused on setting a personal best in the FRAN portion, don’t worry about the Clean and Jerk after. It is meant to test how you recover and regain your composure from a max effort

  • 7/15/17 WOD

    Meet some gym friends(encourage other friends to join you too!) at a Track or at the Parking Lot across from Running Central for today’s WOD


    RUN 5K for Time.

    *be sure you record your times, we will re-test in the future

    you must complete 2 Laps of the route shown and described below

    • you will start and finish where Harrison St. intersects the riverfront trail next to the train tracks.(see images below)
    • run down past the riverplex and tun toward the river when you reach the sand volleyball courts
    • follow the paved trail along the river, past the Cefcu Center Stage.
    • stay next to the river when going around the parking lot for the old Joes Crab Shack and New Amsterdam
    • run all the way to the end of the path where it meet a building, turn right into the Parking lot
    • run to where you started and then complete a 2nd Lap.

    CLICK here for a Great Running Warm Up VIDEO

  • 7/14/17

    Basic Burgener: down-ups, high elbows, muscle snatch, snatch lands, drop snatch

    Hang Snatch + Snatch Balance build by feel to warm up  for 12 min

    OHS Cycle Day 13

    Front Squat (225/155)
    Bar Muscle Up

    9-6-3 Front Squat @75-80%
    15-12-9  C2B pull ups

  • 7/12/17 WOD

    Tabata Double Unders
    Shoulder press, push press, Jerk review

    In no more than 5 attempts, build to today’s heavy 1 rep shoulder press
    In no more than 5 attempts, build to today’s heavy 1 rep push press
    In no more than 5 attempts, build to today’s heavy 1 rep Jerk

    3 rounds for time:
    10 Shoulder 2 O.H. (165/105)
    20 Ball Slams
    40 Double Unders


    Finisher: 30-50 strict pull ups

  • 7/11/17 WOD

    Skill: (this is your dynamic Warm up today, if you need extra warming up, arrive 15-20 min early)
    Run 300 m
    warm up practicing the non weighted movements in today’s WOD 2-4-6-8 rep scheme
    Run 300 m

    Technique: build to today’s heavy Power Clean

    Perform the following:
    3 min AMRAP
    Rest 1 min
    6 min AMRAP
    Rest 2 min
    Complete for time

    20 Dead Lift (135/95)
    30 Box Overs
    20 Toes 2 Bar
    30 Push Ups
    20 Hang Power Cleans(135/95)
    30 Double Unders
    20 Burpees


    Everyone will use only 1 barbell for this Workout

  • 7/10/17 WOD

    Basic Burgener: down-ups, high elbows, muscle snatch, snatch lands, drop snatch

    review the snatch balance


    Technique:12 min clock
    Snatch Balance, 5-4-3-2-1-1

    OHS Cycle Day 12

    working with a partner for time: focus on unbroken sets
    15 ea.-14 ea.-13 ea.-12 ea.-11 ea.-10 ea.-9 ea.-8 ea.-7 ea.-6 ea.-5 ea.

    men: 20lb | women: 14 lb
    *if you have never done 20 unbroken wall ball with the RX weight before use a lighter ball today. Most of the time we simply need to practice getting comfortable with higher rep sets at lower weight.