Sam Parker

samparkerMy name is Samantha , I am 22 years old and I have been going to CrossFit Peoria for a little over one month. I was always active playing basketball and running track when I was in high school but as I went through college and started working more, my workouts soon dwindled.

I came across the CrossFit Peoria website when I was looking for a new way to get into shape. The idea of running monotonously forever on a treadmill, or listening to some yapping aerobics instructor to “feel the burn” did not excite me. I wanted something different that pushed me to the next level and made a difference quickly and when I was done I knew I had accomplished something.

The first day at CrossFit Peoria I knew I had found what I was looking for. It pushed me farther in the first workout than I had ever been pushed before. I was sore, tired and generally cranky……and I loved it. I did things in that first workout that I thought I was never capable of doing. I figured if I had done that out of the shoot, what could I be doing a few months down the road.

As crazy as it sounds, my favorite workouts are any that push me to the point of no return, but for some reason that works for me. Bret and the whole group have been more than welcoming. There are no pretenses when you walk in for your workout. It is one for all and all for one. The support from everyone has been awesome.

So far I have gained a great amount of muscle, strength, and not to mention the extra plus of losing weight at the same time which I absolutely cannot complain about. Every week I notice an increase in my ability to do the workouts more efficiently and with heavier weight.

If you are wondering if CrossFit Peoria is for you, my advice would be to come in and just give it a shot a time or two. It seems everyone who does sticks with it and finds results. I can’t ever imagine going back to the boring old workouts I used to do before. Not even an option. My confidence is growing both inside and outside the gym and that is a great feeling.


– Sam Parker

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