Rhonda Heinz

RhondaI knew that Whole30 would produce significant results for the Paleo newbie, but seriously doubted what it could do for me. I really didn’t expect much because I’ve maintained pretty good Paleo integrity for about six months and I had already exceeded my initial weight loss goals before even beginning Whole30. I frankly didn’t think that a mere month of 100% Whole30 compliance would make much difference. I was wrong.

My numbers may not seem that impressive – until you put them in context. I managed to lose 4.5 pounds (a healthy 1 lb/wk) – despite the fact that I had already lost almost 40 pounds and am no longer trying to lose weight. I dropped 3.5 inches total (measured from my arm, shoulders, waist and hips) – despite the fact that my shoulder measurement actually increased. My body fat dropped another 3% – despite the fact that I didn’t increase my workouts or exercise level.  Clothes that I bought a mere month ago no longer fit.  I have bought the same exact skirt three times in three different sizes since starting Paleo!  And it’s not just the measurements. I am also setting some new PR’s. They may not be big numbers, but I’m making steady gains – no small feat at age 47.  When I began CrossFit, I was humbled by how out of shape I’d become, despite my lifelong, on again/off again relationship with exercise and big box gyms.  During those early WOD’s, everyone else would head for the bars to do pull-ups while I headed for the rings to do rows.  I desperately wanted to do real pull-ups. I’ve not only long since abandoned the rings, but the unassisted pull-up finally seems to be within reach.

I’ve shared with you before how Paleo and CrossFit have changed my life.  What started out six months ago as a simple 30 day experiment with food has turned into a whole new approach to health and fitness.  Whole30 provided me with another opportunity to perfect and refine that approach.  Two of my “vices” that I had previously regularly “cheated” with on Paleo were Coke Zero and margaritas. I went cold turkey on both for the Whole30 and only “cheated” one time on each in the entire 30 days. By the end of the 30 days, my coke cravings had waned, but I still thought that I really wanted one. I drove all the way into East Peoria to get a giant Coke Zero from Huck’s to celebrate the end of Whole30.  I took a couple of big sips and was immediately disappointed.  After drinking about a 1/3, the rest went down the kitchen sink. I think I have finally slain my coke dragon; I haven’t had one since.  And, while I still enjoy a glass of wine and a margarita or two, even those are now just something that I enjoy – not something that I have to have.

Since we started Paleo, two couples and a single friend have seen the impact it’s had us and have started Paleo themselves.  Since I started Whole30, my Mom and Dad are now giving it a try and another friend has joined the Paleo lifestyle. They have all seen what it can do and want to reap the benefits for themselves.

If you want to change your life, go Whole30. If you want to rock your world, go Whole30 AND join your local CrossFit gym. It requires effort, but it is not hard. It’s only 30 days. Your body composition WILL change and your performance WILL improve.

– Rhonda Heinz

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