Derick Hinderliter

DerekAfter completing the Whole 30, I have lost 10 lbs. and went from a waist size of 33 to slightly less than 32. The Whole 30 wasn’t easy by any means, but it is achievable. The first week was tough. At the beginning, I felt drained and run down. In fact, on the fourth day into this I came home from work, ate supper and slept for 11 hours. Once I was past the first week I began to feel better. The first change I noticed was that I no longer woke up congested in the morning. My sinuses eventually became clear as a bell. The next change I noticed were in my knees. My knees are usually achy in the morning until I’ve moved around for awhile. But this seemed to disappear the further I progressed in the challenge.

At work, I sit at a desk during most of my day. When sitting for a long period, my lower back would become sore until I’ve had the opportunity to stretch my back to relieve it somewhat. During the last week of this challenge, I noticed that this soreness had diminished which was a surprise to me.

However, during this challenge I felt hungry every couple of hours. I found it difficult to keep my stomach satisfied with food. I seem to have a high metabolism so weight has never been an issue for me. I did not participate in this challenge to lose weight.

Eating along the Whole 30 guidelines would supposedly address inflammation in the body. This was my motivation for participating in the challenge. Assuming that inflammation was the source of my aches and pains, I found that it has made a difference. Going forward, I plan to continue eating healthy, unprocessed foods. But I’ll try to find out what foods might trigger the inflammation and avoid those items completely.

This is the first time that I’ve done anything like this and it surprisingly made positive changes.

– Derick Hinderliter

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