11/21/13 WOD

1457489_10102622495370063_747085410_n this was what what left of Vicky’s home after the tornado hit.

“There are no words that describe the good feeling Phil and i have in our hearts for what you and everyone did for us.” 

“I’m so glad to be part of the CrossFit Peoria Family”

This is just part of the heart-felt message I received from Vicky last night after our CFP volunteer group gave up their day to help her and her Husband Phil clear almost the entire pile of debris they used to call home. We were able to save just about everything they could have wanted and then some! Her daughter Whitney also wishes to let everyone know how much it means to her that we were able to lend a hand and save everything we did.

Along With Vicky’s home we were able to help 3 other family’s clear their homes and save what we could. These family all expressed how thankful they were we came to help.

Thank you Kari Schroeder, Elise Alkhafaji, Anna Saxon, Joanne Spitzer, Tricia Davit, Jess and Scott Avery, Ciji and Tony Schoedel, Joe Fuller, Josh Blake, Josh Nelson, Igor Buller, Brian Walsh, Tom Premble, Sarah Gindville, and Sean Steuck. and to all the volunteers throughout Washington IL, Your efforts are greatly appreciated .

We will head out again this Saturday, Nov. 23rd. as long as the area is not on lock-down. please e-mail nathan@crossfitpeoria.com for info on where and when we will be to head out Saturday.

Today’s WOD:

1) Find a Today’s heavy 1 rep Snatch

2) Every 2 min for 5 sets:
Shoulder Press: 3 Reps @ 90-92%

3) 3 rounds for time of:
10 Toes 2 Bar Pullups
10 Box Clears
10 H.S.P.U.


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