10/28/16 WOD

part. 1:
Dynamic Warm Up

part. 2: spend 3-4 min at each phase
Phase 1:  Easy Rowing
Phase 2: Plyo-Box Bounding
Phase 3: Mid Back & Scap Mobility with Lacross Ball on the floor

part 3:
Tabata Mash Up, 2 times through.

HSPU, nose 2 wall handstand hold, barbell push press
High box jumps, knee jumps, high box jump
Row Sprints, row sprint, row sprint
Rest 1 interval

Part 4

10 min building sets of Clean and Jerk. focus on bar speed.

-rest 3-5 min-

30 Clean and Jerk for time
Men: 135 lb.
Women: 95 lb.
Scaled Men: 115 lb.
Scaled Women: 75 lb.

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